Quality and Certification




The VIGILEX explosion vents manufacturing process adheres to a quality approach which ensures an optimum follow-up from design to delivery in accordance with the European standards EN 14491 and EN 14797.

The material of the VIGILEX explosion vents is rigorously inspected at the arrival of each incoming batch followed by an identification for a better follow-up. Each explosion vent has a serial number engraved on it to ensure perfect traceability. The laser cut is calibrated prior by a test piece in order to check with precision the size of the micro clamps determined by our calculations (EN 14491) so that the performances of our results can be systematically optimized.

Once designed, the VIGILEX explosion vents are tested in our premises to ensure the functional and mechanical integrity of each device following the number of tests indicated in the EN 14797 standard for each manufactured batch. When the tests are validated, the control process ends with the inspection of the vents up to the packaging phase.



We deliver with each VIGILEX explosion vent order a declaration of CE conformity, which summarizes all the information related to the performed tests in accordance with the technical specifications, drawings and definitions of your orders. All our quality approaches are INERIS approved and satisfy the requirements of the European directive 94/9 CE ATEX, which guarantees our explosion vents      Ex II GD.



We determine for you the surface areas of the vents to be placed in your installations to be protected. Thanks to the main specific information related to the characteristics of your installations (KST, Predmax, Pmax, your installations size, etc.), which you will indicate to us by filling in the questionnaire to be downloaded, we can propose to you a solution adapted to your needs and conforming to the standards EN 14491 and VDI3673.

And, backed by our experienced technical department, we can offer to you all our advising competences to guide you in your choices and optimize your investments.

Explosion vent panels

Range VL

Flat single explosion panel with neccessary counter flange and integral gasket.

Range VD

Domed explosion panel.

Range VL-S

High performance explosion panel with gasket (Additional flanges needed)

Range V-FLEX

Flat single explosion panel with integrated frame and gasket.


Thermal insulation, weather protection, mounting frames, vaccum safety grid ...


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