About Vigilex

VIGILEX explosion vent panels are designed by  STIF , which is specialized in manufacturing components for the bulk handling industry.

Created in 1984  STIF  has earned a solid international reputation by exporting to more than 60 countries worldwide. The production unit extends over 10 000 m2 and is based in the West of France near ANGERS, 80 km from NANTES - ST NAZAIRE port. STIF's "constant investment" policy is maintaining its technological advance and enabling the company to be equipped with the most modern production. Thus a high performance is guaranteed through optimized methods and tools by our experienced and innovative engineering team. Thanks to its competitiveness and responsiveness, STIF has won many subcontracts to manufacture special series parts in addition to its catalogue products.


STIF relies on continous research and development as a evolutionary policy and is endowed with leading edge technology machines. These last few years we have devoted ourselves to designing a complete range of explosion vent panels. This is the first time that a French manufacturer has entered the explosion vent panel market proposing flat, curved, bent or round panels satisfying most needs. Many vent sizes are available as well as various options, such as FDA high-temperature joints, counter-flanges, anti-UV and bad weather protections and rupture detectors. We also determine the type and numbers of vent panels necessary to protect your installations.


VIGILEX explosion vent panels meet all the essential health and safety requirements for even an explosive atmosphere (Directive 94/9/CE) . In case of a fire, the explosion vents are designed to evacuate : the pressure, flames and dusts, thereby protecting people and the industrial equipment. A simple and efficient protection system : VIGILEX explosion vents are made to resist depressions, pneumatic unclogging cycles, and to be used on silos, hoppers, filters and cyclones.

Conformity : CE Certification and Production Quality Assurance Notification.

We at Boss Products are experts in industrial energy saving management systems. We specialize in wet and dry chemical fire detection and extinguishment, as well as explosion isolation and diversion. Our EcoBoss and EcoMaxx products are meticulously designed to provide a single source solution for industrial applications to keep you, your workers, and your interests, safe and secure. EXPERIENCE MATTERS: Boss Products was founded in 2013 with a collective 50+ years of hands-on experience. We have the technical expertise gained by implementing thousands of industrial dust, mist, and fume collecting applications. We are uniquely qualified to advise distributors and end users in proper duct design and equipment selection to ensure a safe, energy efficient industrial filtration solution. WHO WE WORK WITH: Boss Products works with and supports a wide network of distributors throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. Each distributor has been selected and appointed based on their experience with multi-industry approaches to filtration solutions. We work with only the best, and our partners conduct their business with high standards of responsibility and ethical practices.

Explosion vent panels

Range VL

Flat single explosion panel with neccessary counter flange and integral gasket.

Range VD

Domed explosion panel.

Range VL-S

High performance explosion panel with gasket (Additional flanges needed)

Range V-FLEX

Flat single explosion panel with integrated frame and gasket.


Thermal insulation, weather protection, mounting frames, vaccum safety grid ...


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